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https://jameswight.wordpress.com/ will no longer be updated.

My name is James Wight. I am an Australian student. I have been concerned about climate change for several years.

The main focus of this blog is climate change politics (some of my best posts are listed here). In particular, I have written a comprehensive series of posts on what I see as errors of strategy by the Australian climate change action movement.

Prior to 2011, I focused on climate science, in particular debunking the arguments of global warming contrarians (you can find all those old posts in the archives; some of them are listed here). I later transferred this effort to the Skeptical Science blog run by John Cook (you can find links to all my Skeptical Science posts here). In the archives you’ll also find occasional posts about various miscellaneous thoughts that happened to enter my mind.

You’re welcome to reproduce my content elsewhere as long as proper credit and a link to Precarious Climate is given.

You can follow me on Twitter @350ppmJames.


  1. Hi James,

    I got your website from my wife Marja (Bowen Therapist)a few weeks ago, but lost it. She retrieved it for me, hence this message. I’ve been interested in global warming for about 25 years, the first five as a sceptic (as distinguished from denier)I am broadly interested, but since 2007 have focussed more on the arctic ice situation. I truly believe that it is the equivalent of ‘the canary in the mine-shaft. Have bookmarked your site and any contribution will be under my real name. Have more or less given up on The Advertiser and outspoken sceptic/denier Peter Wiseman. Good site and well organised, we need sites like yours. Regards, David

    • Hi David — thanks for the book. It is nice to have another local voice of reason. I have already written one post which was partly about Arctic sea ice. I’m considering writing one about the current melt season.

      • Hi, while the book is based on the US scene, it gives a good insight into the machinations of the fossil fuel industry’s disinformation campaign.
        Am in the process of writing an item about why a group of scientists are on the side of the sceptics. Have glanced over your post about the global ice situation. Looks very thorough, will read it in more detail this weekend. Are you familiar with Patrick Lockerby; http://www.science20.com/chatter_box
        An amazingly detailed website about the arctic. Regards, David

        • Hi James,
          Sorry, a big time lapse, can I contact you by e-mail? Thanks David

  2. James, do you have an email? If not drop me a line at watchthedeniers@gmail.com

  3. There are many sceptics of climate change as you’re probably well aware but the difference between them and you is experience, knowledge and credibility. You seem very young and a little naive. For example I dont think you are aware that even if our emmisions were zero, our contributions to climate chage would be dwarft by China’s planned increases in carbon in the next 10 years. The tax therefore would have been in vain and damaged our key industries for no other reason than creating revenue for government. You’re also unaware that all indications point to a landslide defeat of the Labor party in 2013 along with the Greens so to publically label your future leader as ‘stupid’ and ‘liar’, one would think is not in your best interest as its government that plays the key role in reducing emissions not scientists. The carbon tax is clearly not the way of the future so if I were you Id be directing my attention elsewhere and I would not sticking pins in Tony Abbott publically on the internet. Glad I could help.

  4. I enjoy your blog, and it expands my horizons. I appreciate the effort that goes into it. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The details are at http://thepoliblog.wordpress.com/, in the post named ‘A Blogging Award’ (January 10, 2013). Thanks for the wonderful blog!

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